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Beautiful bridal hair and makeup inspiration from Mercedes Benz fashion week

Perfect minimalist bridal makeup

I always strive to offer the latest catwalk trends in hair and makeup to my clients, so it was an absolute honour and privilege to see Lan Yu's bridal designs at the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Lan Yu teamed dewy, fresh skin and natural makeup with her detailed couture gowns. Hair was soft and supple, with lots of volume and movement.

Perfect minimalist bridal makeup

When it comes to wearing a statement piece with lots of texture and sparkle, Lan Yu shows less is more when it comes to bridal hair and makeup. Not a hint of fakery in sight - no false lashes, fake tan of extensions, just simple elegance and a polished, groomed finish. Lan Yu knows how to balance an antique lace veil with gorgeous, flawless skin and nude lips. A hint of rose blush adds the perfect look that embraces an innocence from a bygone era. Love it!

Perfect minimalist bridal makeup

One of my all time favourite hair looks was this minimalist sleek up style, that gave this deconstructed ballerina-inspired bridal gown a modern twist. No braids, chignons or OTT curls in sight.

Perfect minimalist bridal hair

Finally, this had to be my favourite piece from Lan Yu's collection. I love the cinched in waist and soft, flowy textures. I could see this dress worn with long flowy wavy hair and an English Rose complexion. What a joy to get inspired by such designs.

Perfect minimalist bridal dress

For more bridal tips and tricks please visit my bridal guide.
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Incredible bridal hair and makeup looks straight from the runway!

I always pride myself in offering the latest hair and makeup looks for my clients so I was so excited to attend Betty Tran's show at the 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The show was so incredible!! I'm still buzzing from the experience. Exquisite, decadent gowns teamed with polished, vintage crimped buns and dewy makeup. I loved the glowing illuminator used on the model's cheekbones, and wish I had borrowed my husband's fashion photo lens to capture the close ups! 

Nevertheless, the looks were spectacular. 

What I also liked were the dramatic headpieces, they oozed elegance and dazzled with exotic sparkle. Crimped, low buns added a vintage feel that was subtle, polished and not at all over the top.

It just goes to show minimalist makeup can really balance a detailed gown, it won't detract from the overall presence and mood of the look.  A little contour and highlight goes a long way to enhance and chisel cheekbones, creating a feminine, timeless grace.

These dresses make me want to do nothing but slip on my Louboutins and sip a Singapore sling! I can't wait to recreate these looks for my clients. 

Perfect minimalist bridal hair and makeup
Perfect minimalist bridal hair and makeup


How to create perfect catwalk ready pony tails - upstyle inspiration straight from the runway!

MBFW  2014 Duvenage

I always strive to keep up to date with the latest looks and trends fresh off the runway, so being in the front row at the latest Duvenage show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week offered plenty of inspiration!

The collection had bold, bright splashes of colour, which teamed with messy pony tails and half up dos looked effortlessly glamorous. I love textured pony tales with a little height. They look good on everyone and never go out of style! 

MBFW Duvenage 2014

To create instant volume, use heated curlers at the crown, curl the rest of the hair with a ghd and allow the crown to cool. Then tease at the roots before piling hair into a pony tale. Brush out the pony and there you go! My tip is to use mousse before styling, to both protect the hair and to keep longer lasting hold. 

MBFW Duvenage 2014

The beauty about a softer structured pony tail or half updo is that it adds glam to any outfit. Get red carpet ready, or dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This runway look is one of my classic favourites. No braids, chignons, curly girl curls or provincial looking hair pieces. Just effortless hair with volume and movement!

MBFW Duvenage 2014


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet v Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Lacquer v Rimmel Apocalips
I have been a long-time fan of lip lacquers for their gorgeous HD-friendly finish, and I have every single shade of Rimmel's Apocalips. But when I tested out Bourjois' version, Velvet Rouge, I was pleasantly surprised! Although I love Rimmel's thick, opaque consistency, it, well, smells like plastic. The Bourjois lip lacquers have virtually no smell, and work more like a stain, so although you don't get the same creamy finish, the pigment lasts that little bit longer.

Bourjois Hot Pepper v Rimmel Big Bang
Rimmel  big bang on the left and Bourjois hot pepper on the right

As you can see from the picture above, Rimmel is more like an opaque liquid lipstick, whereas Bourjois works more like a lip stain.

Rimmel Apocaliptic left, and Bourjois Ole Flamingo, Right

My favourite Bourjois shade is 'Ole Flamingo' for its pretty pink vibrancy. It photographs so beautifully and looks gorgeous on fair complexions. For Lucy's Taylor Swift-inspired look below, I custom blended a little Bourjois Ole Flamingo with a nude OCC Lip tar to create this perfect creamy rose finish.

Hair and Makeup: Williamspromakeup
Model: Lucy


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Monday, 31 March 2014

Guest Blog post for QC Makeup Academy!

Hello to all my lovely readers!

I am so excited to announce my first blog post for QC Makeup Academy is now live:

Please feel free to share, comment and enjoy!

I have so many blog post ideas coming up so watch this space for loads of reviews, tips and tricks!


Thursday, 20 March 2014

Watching youtube videos won't qualify you as a makeup artist!

I love youtube makeup tutorials. And if you love makeup as much as me, they can be totally addictive. I have my favourite vloggers I follow and I admit I have even put off having my own channel for far too long.

But it concerns me when aspiring makeup artists say they have learnt from youtube videos alone. Youtube gives you a VERY FALSE illusion of what it really means to be an industry working makeup artist! Here is why:

Only good at applying makeup on themselves

The majority of youtube vloggers are super fantastic at putting makeup on themselves, and teaching you how to do the same. But the true art of makeup is knowing how to create those looks on someone else. The way to hold the brush, where to touch and not to touch the face, how to handle clients who blink a lot, or scrunch their eyes, or cannot sit still – learning to apply makeup in these circumstances is very different than simply practicing on yourself in front of a mirror and camera in the comfort of your own home.

Clever editing and lighting

Ever tried to copy your favourite blogger, even using the exact same products only to find your foundation looks thick, or cakey, or your makeup looks too heavy? Flattering lighting and clever editing can make anyone (and I mean anyone) look like a pro. A good tutorial needs to have little or no editing, and use good close ups that show the true detail of the makeup.

The realities of the industry

A lot of vloggers receive free samples and review products and it is easy to watch and think makeup artistry is all about buying and trying every single shade of lip gloss, or experimenting with that latest limited edition eyeshadow palette. Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t show the pressures of being a makeup artist, the time demands, early starts, late finishes, long hours waiting on set, the financial uncertainty, the pressure to meet a client’s needs, the business flow and accountability. Anyone who thinks makeup artistry is all about deliberating on one smokey eye for 20 minutes in front of a camera, needs a serious reality check!

Beware whose advice you take

When I’m enjoying my youtube tutorials, I only watch the most accomplished and talented qualified makeup artists. Those I admire have genuine experience and skills that can be picked up and used in the industry. But please be careful whose channels you watch. Everyone under today’s big self-promoting sun is vlogging and for every dozen qualified vloggers, there are thousands, if not millions, of unqualified vloggers. I have seen youtube tutorials with dirty makeup brushes, poorly blended contouring, filthy makeup, the list is endless and concerning. At the end of the day if you are keen on becoming a working makeup artist, take your advice from one that is qualified!



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Top tips for Bridal makeup that lasts and photographs well

Hair and makeup: Williamspromakeup
Photography by

I have written a lot about what not to do when it comes to your makeup on your wedding day, so I thought I would put some tips together that I swear by to ensure my brides look fresh-faced, natural and their makeup lasts all day and night.

1. Keep foundations and creams spf-free

Ever had a picture taken of you and your face looks really white? Titanium dioxide-based SPF causes camera flashback and makes your face appear whiter than normal. For my brides, I choose a hydrating treatment serum and moisturiser to ensure skin glows from within, then I use one of these foundations according to skin type. Buffing on a quality mineral powder ensures a long-lasting, high definition finish.

2. Shimmer it to the minimum

I love shimmer and it can look lovely in person, but photographed it can lead to terrible camera flashback and give a strange mirror shine to your skin. Keep shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes and you can always tone the intensity of any powder shimmer formula by mixing it with translucent powder, so you get the glow without the mirror shine.
Hair and makeup: Williamspromakeup
Photography by

3. Tame those brows!

Your makeup artist may be able to assist with giving you advice during your trial on your perfect brow shape. I recommend threading over waxing, as it is far more gentle on skin. Whatever method you use, get it done 3 days prior the big day to avoid any signs of redness or irritation.

Hair and makeup: Williamspromakeup
Photography by

4. Avoid sticky kisses

Keep lips matte using a waterproof lip pencil such as Makeup Forever Aqua Rough and use a lip crayon for extra pigment. For longer hold, I layer any lip colour with translucent powder to ensure there is less wax and more pigment left on the lips.

5. Keep it simple, keep it fresh

Chances are your prospective spouse most likely loves the natural you, without any fakery. I have seen brides coming to me after a trial has gone horribly wrong with another makeup artist who decided to add thick layers of eyeliner, punchy rouge and thick lipstick, not realising that the bride's natural features were completely diminished. So ask your makeup artist to keep your look fresh and natural, using colours that enhance, not detract from the real you. After all, your prospective spouse wants to marry YOU, not your makeup. 

6. Make friends with oil blotting sheets
I have added blotting sheets to my essential bridal packing list because they are handy for so many things! if you are wearing airbrush foundation or waterproof foundation, you can use blotting paper to wipe away any excess sweat or shine, without budging your makeup! These formulas are sweat resistant and waterproof, so blotting sheets do the trick. Also - weird but true - toilet seat covers are made from the same type of paper, though the idea of a bride carrying a toilet seat cover and smearing it on her face is incredibly silly. I digress....

7. Waterproof formulas, primers and fixers

Your makeup artist should use the right primers, powders and fixatives to keep your makeup lasting all day and all night. I use an all over skin primer, an eye primer and even an eyelash primer! Waterproof mascara is also an absolute must. Even if you think you won't cry, chances are, you will!

8. Make friends with false lashes

Yes this may seem to go against tip #5, but really good, human hair lashes or individual lashes can look absolutely gorgeous on brides. They give that soft, feminine red carpet finish, unlike synthetic lashes that can make you look like lambchop:

9. Take a flash photo before you go

Before stepping out of your bridal boudoir, take a selfie with a flash. If you look like any of the pictures below, you may wish to have a quiet work with your makeup artist:


Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to choose the right makeup for work, school, gym, dates and more!

Hair and MUA: Williamspromakeup
Model: Susie

Would you wear a cocktail dress to work? Or jeans and a T-shirt to a wedding? Like your clothes, what you wear on your face needs to be occasion appropriate. There are even times when bare-faced is best!

Here is a round up of how to create the right look for any occasion:


If you are spending your day outside, try a good bb cream or tinted moisturiser with an spf. Don't cake on too much full coverage foundation, because it will look overdone and artificial in natural light. I recommend applying primer, a lightweight bb cream and then buffing on mineral foundation for a completely flawless look. Overdoing shimmery shadows and highlighters can also look a bit OTT during the day. Keep the look dewy and fresh, without being shiny or glittery. For more about a fresh, daytime look click here.


Evening is a time when you can really smoke up those eyes, play with shimmer formulations and get those lashes out! Avoid products with spf if you are being photographed as it can cause camera flashback and give you the dreaded ghost face look in photos. Keep you makeup lasting longer with these amazing tips.


For those going to work in the office, fluorescent lights can be very unforgiving. A good, full coverage concealer is an essential step, followed by buffing in powder to stop it from creasing. If you don't have time, just a coat of mascara and lip gloss can be enough to look office-ready in minutes. To find out some great time saving looks for work click here.


Keeping skin bare and makeup free is a very wise move for regular fitness fiends, but there is nothing wrong with you if you do want to wear the little lip gloss or mascara. Outdoor sports an spf is an absolute must. Get your gym-friendly looks with these makeup tips.


This is the time to have a little fun, experiment with shades and formulations and enjoy interpreting your face. But try to avoid heavy coverage formulations, as these can clog pores. For acne-prone skin, use these tricks for clearer skin . To beat the back to school blues, here are some great colour ideas to cheer you up.

Date night

The most important think about that first date is just be yourself. And to be at your most natural, forget the fakery. Keep it simple, elegant and avoid too much fake tan, fake lashes and long long acrylic nails. Unless your purpose is to scare them off, of course! To get a flawless date-ready look click here.


Type 'bridal makeup' in any search engine and thousands of looks will prop up. At the moment, the natural look is all the rage, which I absolutely love. Shimmery, heavy, over the top, poorly blended bridal makeup is dated and looks awful. So whatever you do, avoid these fails.


You can look good in the sun at any age with the right products and formulations. Remember the spf, a decent lip balm, your favourite waterproof mascara and these age-defying tips.