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Runway red lips and nails

Want to incorporate this season's runway hot red shades into your makeup routine?Willamspromakeup correspondent Melissa Hanes takes a look at the latest products straight from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Red is undoubtedly one of those colours that suits everybody. As a model, when I think about incorporating red into my makeup routine, it
s usually for a night out or a glamorous photo shoot. Pin up makeup is one of my favourite styles for photo shoots, thick winged eyeliner, red lipstick and red nails: Its an all-time classic look that has stood the test of time.

If you are going to use a red lipstick, one of the most important steps that should not be missed is, lip liner. It can save you from smudging and bleeding disasters, which for both runway and the camera, is not a good look!

I received a sample bag from Sydneys MBFW including a Savoir Faire red lip liner and an AYU red nail polish. Of course, I expected a high calibre of products! Most of the brands were up and coming, for instance Savoir Faire has a limited range of products at a luxury price tag as I found out from their website. AYUs nail polishes were also hard to find online to compare price point and product range. Here is my verdict:

Lining the lips

Red can be a hard colour to use and mistakes are seen easily, particularly on the lips. I picked up this red lip liner from the sample bag, by Savoir Faire Cosmetics in red shade 08. And with no question, it lines the lips perfectly.

Unlike creamy liners, the dry texture when applying assures you that it wont budge all day. Dry lip liners take a little getting used to, since they are not as smooth to apply as creamy ones. But you will definitely see the long lasting effect it has on your lips. To give you a better idea and comparison, MACs Spice lip liner is very similar in pigment and texture, but a much drier version. Or if you are on a budget, you can pick up a creamy lip liner in almost any shade from Essence for $2. Crazy, right?

If you are looking at using a lip liner to use as an entire base, you might want to use a creamier consistency, as dry pencils dont apply easily on wet lips. Which is why Savoir Faire delivers on lining the lips perfectly.

Matchy nails

I love matching my makeup with my nails, red lips and red nails are classy! This polish by AYU PerlLacquer is quite impressive for a brand I have never heard of. I applied my first coat, I was expecting a see through or washed out red, which is pretty normal for most nail polishes, but to my surprise, one coat, looked like applied two coats!  So, out of habit I still applied a second coat, and the beautiful red got more intense and rich in colour.

The polish is enriched with pearl protein and pearl powder which protects your nails and makes me feel a little bit fancy. It also has a gel like consistency and dry time is up there with the rest, although I was disappointed when I noticed after one day of wearing the polish it began to chip.  However, thats easily avoided by using a strong top coat. In saying that, I would highly recommend this nail polish for photo shoots as it has almost full opacity from one coat, dries quickly and has incredible shine.

If you are a girl on the go, and need a polish to last a few days at school or work, (or at survive typing all day) you might want to try something a little longer lasting like OPI or a toxin-free alternative like Intensae. But all in all AYUs polish is a quality product and you wont be disappointed.

Front image from MBFW Sydney 2014
Model: Grady Wulff, Chadwick Models
Designer: Zhivago

Melissa is a model, makeup artist and journalist. Her experience spans editorial, fashion and runway. She also works as an actor for television commercials, print and films. Melissa has her own youtube beauty channel.

To see more and follow Melissa, check out her pages:


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Monday, 17 November 2014

Is social media making you a makeup addict?

In the past ten years, youtube videos heralding 'makeup hauls' and instagram photos of endless supplies of makeup have changed the way we consume beauty purchases. It has become the norm for girls as young as thirteen to showcase their drawers and drawers brimming with designer makeup on their social media.

But has it gone too far? In financially dire times when it has become harder than ever to save to buy real assets, like property and shares, women are frittering their money on makeup that not only loses its value as soon as it is purchased, but is also a 'consumable', meaning it will need to be used and disposed of eventually.

I have written extensively on the makeup addiction epidemic that is spreading across the world and I must admit, I have been there myself. For me, makeup shopping was a very intense sport and I loved every minute of it. The result? An insane amount of makeup and little left in the bank account. So here are the lessons learned from beating, or at least reducing, makeup addiction.

Every habit takes six weeks to break

Try a social experiment - do not purchase any new makeup for six weeks. Document your progress. if you slip, ask yourself why you purchased something - was it necessary or an impulse? Often an emotional response triggers an impulse purchased. And then this happens - see the picture on the below, right. Five cartons of makeup...

Be creative with what you have

Sometimes we get caught up with the next big thing we forget to slow down and enjoy what we have.
Take time to create new looks with existing products. For instance in the shoot above, I decided to experiment with my urban decay eye pencils in black and silver to create an ombre lip.

Swap with friends

Have a swap night over a few drinks and swap new, unused makeup with friends. You can even give each other makeovers with your new hauls!

Find budget alternatives

Beauty doesn't have to break the bank. There are loads of budget dupes on the market that rival or even beat premium brands in terms of pigment, texture and wear.

Makeup artist discounts

If you are a makeup artist, only purchase from distributors that can offer you a trade discount. I am a big fan of camera ready cosmetics, and MAC also offer 30% to professionals.

Consult with a makeup artist

If you are unsure what to buy, spend a little on a professional consultation. I provide sessions to clients all the time, where I demonstrate what can be achieved with their existing collection, and suggest perhaps two or three items that they really need to update their look. I have also consulted beginner makeup artists starting out so they don't waste their money on oodles of makeup from the outset.

Find something else to spend on

I discovered something far better to spend my money on - a really nice place to live. I stopped spending on makeup, expanded my business, worked hard and saved to purchase a beautiful manly flat where I can now enjoy beach side living with my husband - all within one year of moving back to Sydney. It took sheer determination, hard work and commitment, but the proof is there - it can be done!

Image (c)
Model: Kahli
HMUA: williamspromakeup


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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Pink lipstick look book

Want to know this season's hottest pink lipstick shades? Williamspromakeup correspondent Melissa Hanes reveals her fabulous favourites.

Why is pink so great? Because pink is so flattering for every skin tone, age and outfit. There are so many shades of pink, and there is pretty much one pink shade to suit every person on the planet! OK I may be exaggerating a little, but you get the idea, there are a lot of pink lipsticks out there. So here are my favourites, and why.

My favourite baby pink  
I am a huge fan of Too Faced and their Melted Lipstick in shade Melted Peony is simply to die for! This shade is super pretty during the day, perfect to go out for lunch with the girlfriends or cocktails at the races.

The slight fuchsia tone brings out the colour in your complexion and brightens your whole look. On the lips, it has a creamy, near matt finish that is so flattering and not at all drying.

Bright Pink

Feel like showing off? Maybelline Color Sensation 904 in Vivid Rose is perfect for when you want something a little more bold and vibrant. 

This bright pink adds a pop of colour to your makeup look, so keep the eye makeup simple, soft and smokey to balance it all out. It is also a great alternative to a traditional red lipstick.

The Everyday Pink

Revlon Lip Butter in shade 025 Peach is my all time go-tolipstick. It's perfect to pop in your hand bag and great for lipstick emergencies!  Because of its sheer consistency, it will match virtually any makeup or outfit you are wearing and will keep your lips moist and soft all day long.  It also has a tiny hint of gold shimmer, so cute for summer!

I love the classic, subtle pink hue that is perfect for work, study or play. It is not as long-lasting as more pigmented professional HD formulas, but it is excellent for anyone wanting a natural, polished daytime look.
What are you three favourite pink lipsticks?

Melissa is a model, makeup artist and journalist. Her experience spans editorial, fashion and runway. She also works as an actor for television commercials, print and films. Melissa has her own youtube beauty channel.

To see more and follow Melissa, check out her pages:


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The truth about BB creams

You have to be wary when something says it can moisturise, conceal and minimise pores at the same time, it sounds too good to be true. How can one product do every job thoroughly, and how can it compete with the products that you already have? Williamspromakeup correspondent Jion Legaspi finds out.

Admittedly, apart from trying some testers on the back of my hand at department stores I had never actually used a 'beauty balm' or BB cream before.

I tried Dream Pure BB by Maybelline, in Medium, for oily-combination skin. Apparently, it’s an “8-in-1 skin corrector perfector” and a “1-step wonder for healthy skin today, clearer skin tomorrow”. Alarm bells were ringing in my head at this point. Alas, I carried on.

The process was uncomplicated enough, I applied a thin layer on my face as it recommended. I couldn’t resist applying primer on one side of my face just to compare the texture. I used my Giorgio Armani UV Master primer - my safeguard.

First impressions

I found that Dream Pure BB spread easily on my skin, and the colour suited me quite well, considering I was first startled that there were only four shades of colour to choose from. I quickly realised why this was so. The product is very sheer, which wouldn’t be terrible if it didn’t claim, in two of its eight “wonders”, to reduce blemishes and conceal imperfections, and so the colour barely made an impression on my skin. I don’t think the product would help anyone with mild acne scars. 

A little less beauty a little more grease

As the clock ticked by, I noticed that the product became increasingly greasy on my skin, despite claiming it was oil-free. It wasn’t surprising since it claimed to be doing eight things at once there would be at least eight times more ingredients piled onto the product. At least it felt that way; it was quite heavy, heavier than my usual foundation. This would make it uncomfortable to wear during Summer.

A life of its own...

I also noticed that while the side of my face with primer was sitting fine, the side without had what seemed like floating islands of makeup-which included my blush, illuminator and powder. The BB cream, I found, does not sit well without the support of primer, and brings other make up along on a trip around your face.

Just a glorified tinted moisturiser?

After this experience I found that using Dream Pure BB by Maybelline is problematic. It lacks coverage, which, for a BB cream, I would have thought integral. It’s also sticky and greasy, although it claims otherwise, and it doesn’t sit well, which makes it difficult to wear when you may not have time to touch-up. In the end, it becomes inconvenient. It’s also a little disappointing when a product claims to be able to perform a certain way, but fails to impress.

My verdict? instead of using this BB cream, I would stick to the usual foundation and concealer.

Jion Legaspi is a journalist, editor and fashion blogger. 

To find out more visit or follow her on twitter @envanite


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